Shy, lonely, lost, confused

Shy, lonely, lost, confused.
Hanging out in town for something to do.
Looked through the window and what did I see?
Someone on the other side looking at me.

So excited, happy, unbelievable, unsure.
With a wink of his eye my mind was a blur.
Should I ignore him and continue on my way,
or go outside and say “hey”.

Feeling bold, giddy, apprehensive,
I made my way outside.
What to say, what to do,
so damn cute.
Of course I’ll go out with you.

Being told not to go,
rebellious, angry, determined,
did I listen?
Hell no!

One thing after another,
love, need, want,
anger, happy, sad.
Feelings galore.

Pain, excruciating pain, relieved,
tears of joy.
Caring, loving,
learning, living.

Time passed by,
more pain, more joy.
Trying to keep our lives complete,
feelings falling apart.

Angry, sad, betrayed, hurt, hate!
Why didn’t you try?
Sad, lonely, lost, confused. Relieved.