Monkey Loves Ice Cream – Limited Edition Gocco Print

Monkey Loves Ice Cream print from La Sirena
Story behind the print:

NYC July weather was reminding me of five years ago when I was performing in a music and dance festival in Nepal. It was pretty much the same sweaty heat, but we had to wear costumes and stage makeup. Ugh. My friend and fellow dancer, Trisha, told me “just relax into it, you can’t fight the heat.” I kept recalling and repeating those words over and over in my head.

Because of the heat wave I was thinking about Nepal every day. It was an amazing trip and experience that now seems like a dream. One of my favorite surreal moments was visiting the ancient Monkey Temple in Kathmandu. There were monkeys running around all over. But not just monkeys, I was told they were holy monkeys. AND not just holy monkeys, but MONKEYS EATING ICE CREAM. But not just that, they were monkeys eating ice cream OUT OF A CONE! I don’t know why but this totally blew my mind and kinda freaked me out. Maybe it’s cause they looked a little too human and it seemed so strange to be happening right in the middle of this beautiful ancient temple. Anyways, I made a sketch of it shortly after I returned and now I’ve finally made a print.

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