Inspiration Everywhere


I make fun of my mom and brother a lot. They are completely opposite of me when it comes to stuff. They love stuff. They seek out stuff. I think it’s their hunter instinct. The idea of finding treasure has them rock hunting, gold digging, thrift storing, and garage selling. This has all led up to… storage unit buying. Seriously. My step-dad would call it garbage collecting. I’m mostly on his side (for once). Having a bunch of extra things around drives me a little mad. But recently my mom gave me a book she found in one of the storage units cause she thought I would like it. She was RIGHT. I ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E IT (she just admitted to me that she thought I would throw it out, haha). Now I take back all of my teasing because this 1950s clipart book is freakin’ GORGEOUS. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but the images and type are inspiring and drool-worthy.

IMG_7107.JPG-817x1024 IMG_7111.JPG-1024x768 IMG_7112.JPG-768x1024 IMG_7118.JPG-694x1024 IMG_7119.JPG-768x1024 IMG_7122.JPG-1024x1024 IMG_7126.JPG-768x1024 IMG_7129.JPG-768x1024 IMG_7136.JPG-1024x768 IMG_7227.JPG-651x1024 IMG_7228.JPG-1024x721