The Story Behind La Sirena’s Sweet ’16 Online Art Show

Remember how January felt?

You had all those “things” you were going to do differently.

You were ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD with your newly discovered I-can-do-it-all magical New Year’s fairy dust.

I kinda remember. Luckily, I wrote most of it down and kept it simple.

I chose one word as my mantra for the year: PLAY

This key word is what I use to reflect on and evaluate the past six months of life and business. I think I’m doing pretty good so far.

One of the ways I chose to bring more PLAY into 2016 was to host an online art show in June. I also miss working on collaborative art projects with people and thought this would also be a great way to connect/reconnect with people in a more meaningful way.

I put a call out on social media for participants and 23 said they were interested.

My theory was: by setting a concrete goal (the art show on June 15) you will be more motivated to practice or experiment with art or complete a project than you would be by simply thinking to yourself, “I want to paint more” or “I want to do more creative things this year”.

The only parameters for the project was that it needed to fall under the theme “Teenage Feeling”.


13 people submitted their projects and I’m super excited to share them with you!


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