What’s better than a dress? A dress with pockets.

So I didn’t get around to making the two summer dresses I wanted to while I was on my PNW vacation. Who am I kidding? I should know it’s not really a “vacation” when I go there. It’s more like a workcation, where I’m working on my client work and hanging out with friends and family in my off hours.

But I couldn’t let this awesome fabric just sit there! It was screaming to be made into a dress.

When I got back to Brooklyn I decided to stop lying to myself about making the dress. I didn’t have the time or the space. But the dress had to be made!

I remembered a cute boutique in South Slope that offered private lessons in their sewing studio in the back of the shop. At first I thought about going that route, but when I found out that they also do custom work I decided to let the experts handle it. I handed off the fabric and pattern to Patti at Flirt Brooklyn and she whipped up exactly what I wanted. I almost squealed when I saw the dress hanging up in the dressing room for the first fitting. It’s so awesome working with someone who can execute your vision perfectly.

Having the dress made by a pro not only saved me time, I’m sure it saved me a lot of frustration. It also satisfied that constant craving I have to collaborate with others on creative projects that live outside the computer. Plus, I love supporting local small businesses and creatives who are doing fantastic work.

It’s kind of awesome to think that this dress, from concept to completion, was created entirely in the USA:

• Coney Island fabric design by La Sirena (me), available at Spoonflower
Myrtle Dress Pattern from Colette Patterns
• Sewn by Patti at Flirt Brooklyn

Here are the patterns from Colette Patterns - the cutest patterns I've ever, ever, ever seen.

Here are the patterns from Colette Patterns – the cutest patterns I’ve ever, ever, ever seen.

Me with my freshly opened package of performance pique fabric from Spoonflower.

Me with my freshly opened package of performance pique fabric from Spoonflower.

The storefront of Flirt Brooklyn, where they have their shop and sewing studio.

The storefront of Flirt Brooklyn, where they have their shop and sewing studio.

Did a mini shoot at Coney Island with some of the hand-painted signs that inspired my design.

Did a mini shoot at Coney Island with some of the hand-painted signs that inspired my design.

More sign inspo.

More sign inspo.


More signs! I love Coney Island. It was so hard narrowing down which ones to use in the pattern. I might have to do more.

I know I already said this but - This dress has pockets!!!

This dress has pockets!!!


We opted for a little black button detail on the shoulder.


I love the art walls at Coney Island too. So good.

I was a little nervous that maybe I made the dress to short and it would blow up in the wind, but it was totally fine.

I was a little nervous that maybe I made the dress too short and it would blow up in the wind, but it was totally fine.


Did I mention that this dress has pockets?!

Wanna get your hands on some Coney Island Sign fabric? You can order pink or beige in my Spoonflower shop.

I want to see what YOU make with it. Follow and tag me on Instagram.

Your new go-to summer bag

Picnic time? Beach time? Concert time? Festival time?
It’s definitely summer time! (Or close enough.)
Get a tote bag that can handle it all. The large size (pictured in the blue and pink bag below) is great for holding extra large goodies like yoga mats or tripods.

SummerToteBags_coneypink SummerToteBags_greenmermaidmed SummerToteBags_mermaidbaglg


There are six Coney Island vintage-inspired designs to choose from.

Get your bag here>



Retro-inspired patterns for your summer sewing projects

La Sirena's Retro Inspired fabric swatches

I just approved these fabric swatches and the new fabrics are now available for you on my Spoonflower Shop.

Let’s make some summer sewing projects!

I am not the best at sewing, but I am determined to make two summer dresses while I’m on my PNW vacation. One out of the pink Coney Island food sign pattern, and one out of the pinup mermaid parade pattern. I think I’m going to use this sewing pattern from Colette Patterns. But I’ve also been digging around on Sprout Patterns’ site and I kinda like this one too.

Sidenote: Have you heard of Sprout Patterns?

I haven’t used them yet, but I love the way it works.
1. You select a sewing pattern
2. Choose your Spoonflower fabric
3. The sewing pattern is printed right on the chosen fabric
4. When you get the fabric it’s all ready for you to cut and sew.

Let me know if you decide to sew something up, I’d love to see what you make. I’ll share my completed dresses with you at the end of June/beginning of July.

Get your fabric here »

Too sweaty to sew your own summer gear?
You can always check out the Redbubble shop for ready-to-go tote bags, skirts, pouches, pillows, and more.

Jewelry on Etsy

Spring Jewelry

Looking for the perfect splash of spring to add to your wardrobe? Or maybe a unique Grad or Mother’s Day gift?  All of my handmade jewelry is currently being sold via the Etsy shop.

Harvest Party Roundup

Harvest Party Roundup


Earrings (La Sirena Design-that’s me!)

Straw Hat

Goldfish Kimono



Blue Sneakers

Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas (This is pretty much my summer bible right here.)

Gnome Candles 

Paderno Sprializer (If you have a garden like my mom’s and it’s yielding a million pounds of extra zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes or if you just feel like it’s too hot to cook then you NEED to try this thing. Zucchini and sweet potato noodles are my new favorite.)

Snap, Crackle, Hop – Imperial Rice IPA from Parallel 49 Brewing Co.

Yellow Grill


And just to make you jealous, here’s a pic of the view from my parents’ back porch hammock:



And one from my hardworking mama’s garden:



Do you have any end-of-summer/Labor Day weekend traditions or recipes? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Summer Outdoor Concert Roundup

Outdoor concert roundup

It’s freaking hot here in the PacNW… but not as hot as Brooklyn, so I’m not going to complain too much. Instead I’m gonna make this quick before I pack up and head to the beach and Astoria, OR with the fam.

Here’s a little Summer Concert Style Roundup:

Hawthorn Dress by Colette Patterns I swear, when I have more space I am going to set up my sewing machine again and start making everything that Colette Patterns offers. I love pretty much everything they do.

Purple Shoes from ModCloth

Vintage Binoculars from Etsy

Handbag from Etsy

iPhone Case If I had an extra $130 I would go buy this right now. Especially since I use my iphone more like a camera than an actual phone. It includes 4 interchangeable lenses: wide angle, 2x telephoto, 180-degree fisheye and macro (with polarized lenses).

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mexican Blanket Straps

Earring and Necklace set from La Sirena (that’s me!)

Beautiful in Brooklyn project

Beautiful in Brooklyn

You never know when inspiration will hit. And when, or if, you actually act on that inspiration is a whole other story.

Quite a while ago I was walking through Atlantic terminal, on my way to a freelance gig in Manhattan. I let my mind wander as I shuffled along with the herd. I was thinking about my jewelry designs, how I wanted to get them more out into the world, how I needed to buckle down and do some marketing, how I needed to be more consistent with social media, how I needed to have a better online presence… and my mind flooded with all the to-dos I needed to accomplish to make that happen. Which then turned into me thinking of how I really didn’t want to spend MORE time at the computer and wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to have a more direct, authentic, in-person communication thing happen – like how it is when I do a craft show, but damn those are expensive in NY… then BAM! I see this girl. She’s a walking, living, breathing reflection of what my brand would look like if it was a real person. She is the type of person I create for. One of my pieces would look amazing on her.

“She is perfect,” I thought.
“If only I could have her model for me.”

and then I thought, “maybe I CAN have her model for me.”

And that is how my Beautiful in Brooklyn idea started.

Now, for the past month or so, I take some time to walk around different neighborhoods and ask strangers to do mini pop-up photo shoots with me.

At first it was hard and I was super freaked out about approaching people even though I had practiced with my sister. Yes, I practiced. I consider myself an introvert so this is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone. It’s kind of hard, and it can be frustrating when I’m walking around and don’t see anyone. Like when you know exactly what you’re shopping for but can’t find it. But it’s fun and I’m learning so much – including that I’m way more of an extrovert than I thought. I love meeting people and taking their photos. They make the jewelry pieces come alive.

Want to join in?

I post the pics on Instagram and the model with the most likes on her pic by end of day on June 13, 2015 wins a $50 gift card. I have 4 models so far. Hoping to get at least 3 more this week.  Vote now or later or follow me onInstagram (it really is my favorite social media platform – if I had to choose only one to use this would be it.)

Side note: When I was in middle and high school I was very into photography. I remember thinking that I could make anyone look and feel beautiful with my photography and would day dream about what a fun project it would be. It’s kind of amazing that I get to do two daydreams at once – especially since one of them is from soooooooo long ago.